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Buy TKO EDIBLES Online at the confort of your house either with your Credit Card or Paypal and receive at your door step at 420 Buds 2 Go .TKO Products is one of the oldest and most recognized cannabis brands in California. Our vision is to use our passion for quality, potency and flavor to deliver the very best edibles, concentrates, vaporizers and cannabis-infused products on the market. tko edibles buy online

Established in 2011, initially, it  was created for dispensaries that we personally managed, when the clinics were forced to close we began soliciting our baked goods to other clinics. where to buy tko edibles online

TKO now includes a dedicated team to maintain, produce, and grow our business even further. tko edibles

What we discovered as clinic managers, edible consumers, and finally as producers of edibles, is that there is a need for consistently potent products with a good price point. One of the biggest complaints from clinic owners is that edible products were ‘inconsistent in potency’ and unreliable when it came to deliveries by the vendors.

With the new rules for the legal cannabis market changing the maximum THC content allowed in edibles to 100mg, TKO is still formulating products for our former customers who have higher THC tolerance levels.  Our baked goods, brownies and cookies, will be the same size as before and come with a template to portion the product to the THC size that’s right for you.  If you can handle 100mg, you will need to eat only one TKO cookie, instead of 10 of the competition’s cookies.  Calories matter!.

We have products for the micro-dose crowd also, and soon will be adding more!  Micro-dosers will fall in love with our premium chocolate, available in both creamy milk and delicious dark chocolate. order tko edibles wholesale



TKO Edibles Brownie

Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $25.00.
Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $25.00.